A young man's family life is thrown into turmoil after he wins the lottery.

Nick, Natalie, Anthony, and Austin spent the Spring 2023 semester (Mid-January through Early-May), creating this film. They invested hundreds of hours and used what they've learned at Kent State up to this point to their fullest potential.

The four shared and split responsibilities in pre-production, from writing the script, scouting locations, holding auditions, creating storyboards, scheduling shoot dates, recruiting crew members, as well as many other responsibilities.

As production began, they shot the film over the course of five days across two weekends in the middle of March. Since the film takes place on Christmas, they were lucky enough to use old Christmas decorations from friends,  and the Dziak family allowed them to decorate their home as if it was the holidays. Using the university's Student Resource Lab (SRL), the four of them had access to state-of-the-art film equipment and gear to make their student film look as professional as possible.

When they wrapped shooting, the group offered the sound work to one of the Post-Production Sound classes, run by Professor Scott Hallgren. Our Director of Photography, Olivia VanSickle, handled the color grade. Nick was in charge of editing, Anthony was in charge of music, while Natalie and Austin oversaw post-production and assisted when needed.

The four of them are very proud of their final cut and appreciate you taking the time to watch the film. If you wish to view more information about the cast and crew, please look at the respective Cast and Crew tabs on our website.

This is a Kent State Student Media project for Production I with Professor Becky Rolnick.